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Woody Allen, NYC and I, eternal love

You know when you get inspired by a city, a movie, a song?

Well...New York city and Woody Allen geniality are a great inspiration to me and to my work.
I just saw A Rainy Day in Paris, and I think that everyone who is fond of NY, Woody’s movies, rain, autumn and Chet Baker MUST SEE IT.
In my humble opinion, there is no mind that can read so well that city as Woody’s (as well as the psyche of people, the most complex thing in the universe).
With that said, I thought writing a bit about this city that is unique and fantastic (only met one person in my life that hated NY). Ops! She said to me the city was awfully dirty, full of impolite people, noisy, bla, bla, bla. Yeah, so what? This is NEW YORK! One of the most cultural, vibrating, entertaining, exciting and most photogenic cities of the world!! Who cares if it is chaotic? The city is amazingly beautiful, specially in winter and fall, and if a person can not see the beauty of it, I doubt she can see at all!

If you don’t like NY either, well, maybe you should skip this article and ignore my sarcasm (or maybe you could admire the pictures?) ...

I still remember my first time in NY. I was in Miami before, it was January and it was hot, no matter it was January and winter, Miami was hot. Miami is much like Brazil. The heat won’t leave you alone no matter what time of the year. If you love it, embrace MIA, there is the place for you, if you don’t, then head further. And that was what I did. I went to NY.
I landed in Newark, but I remember when finally I entered New York city, I startled. Not only I felt I was literally within a movie, but I actually was there, in the city where many people try to reach out theirs dreams everyday, plus, the most famous city is also the most influential city of the world.

The city that never sleeps never disappoints.

If you ever saw my website or have read one of my articles, you know I am addicted to black and white photography. Black is my color. But as we are talking about NY, I decided to make an exception and publish in this article some colorful photos that I also think that fits the atmosphere of the city.
For my luck, the NY I met was freezing and rainy, and that added the perfect atmosphere for my photos. So here it goes a few tips that drew my attention, not necessarily touristic ones, but more like as a fine art photographer point of view.


Architecture is one of my favorite subjects. I am a passionate by Bauhaus, design and how architecture changes the way we see things, not only culturally, but also as a way of living better. May that be in a simple way or with lots of sophistication. New York architecture is diverse. The old and the new mixed as a perfect match allure us in the most hypnotic way. Bridges, financial headquarters, skyscrapers, glass walls, classic spaces, museums, minimalism style, Gothic spires, brick facades, etc. All that spread all over the city. Modern beauties such as the dashing Guggenheim, MoMA, Rockefeller apartments and the new One World Trade Center. Take your pick and go throughout the city shooting. New York is a dream for every architecture photographer. Millions of ideas condensed in one place. If you like architecture, you can read about it here. Plus, I have a new article with N-Photo magazine just about it, don’t miss it!

Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting the districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge is not only an iconic mark of the city, but also one of the most ancient bridges in United States. No matter where you are in the city, the bridge can bring you the most different shots from the most different angles. From the Brooklyn side, you have the amazing Manhattan skyline, postcard of the city and atmosphere of so many movies. Not sure if it is a haunted bridge in NY, but the fact is more than 27 people died on its construction. The bridge was projected by John Augustus Roebling, a German civil engineer who was famous for projecting wire rope suspension bridges. Its launch was in 1883 and since then, the bridge not only brings joyful memories to tourists and New Yorkers, but also help people crossing it 24/7.