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Architecture Photography: symmetry challenge

I love big cities. I love all about it. The chaos, the movement, the streets, the dirtiness, the night, the financial centers, the inhabitants. All that give life to my work. And I also love the buildings within it.

New and ancient London, a paradise for any architecture lover. The Gherkin in the financial district area and the Big Ben Clock at The Houses of Parliament. Which one you prefer?

The big cities are always in constant urban development. The mix of past and future aligned with the sharpest minds brings us the most exquisite architecture. Old monuments and skyscrapers decorate postcards, books and even our living rooms (addicted to home decor, anyone?).
Architecture is always one step ahead of us, and today we see around the world the greatest architects defying engineering and science as once masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Walter Gropius and Antoni Gaudí did.

The magnificent Antoni Gaudí's architecture all over Barcelona.

Photos 1,2, 4, 7 La Pedrera, Casa Milà; Photos 3,8 La Sagrada Familia; Photos 5,6 Park Güell

Fortunately, as an architecture lover, I can through my lens, document it and bring pieces of the most beautiful buildings out there and share with everyone. The photography is a great way to represent architecture artistically.
So today I ask you, do you like architecture photography? How do you feel about it? Fascinated or with tedious? Skyscrapers, massive buildings, minimalism, geometry, cubes, roofs, glasses, marble, roughness still, suspensions, light structures, textures, symmetry and more! I find fascinating the way that these monumental buildings can cause such emotion in all of us (well, at least a big part of us).

To photograph architecture is not an easy thing to do. Honestly? I was not a very fond of it. But, things change and my opinion about it changed. And today I find it not only to be a pleasure and a challenge to photograph, but also a mix of experiments and entertainment where my creativity meets my biggest passion: black and white photography.

As a fine art photographer, my vision is completely personal about the subject. To mix fine art photography and architecture photography can be an arduous work. After all, fine art is all about beauty and aesthetics.
So I want you to be inspired with my shots and contemplate the magnificence of such beautiful works of art through my perception. It is about my imagination, my intellectual side and how I see it. It also can be pretty abstract, mysterious, cold. And I love it. Tower blocks depicted as poignant dreams. To never know how it will end my photography journey intrigues and excites me all the way. Walk with me.


Recurrent pattern always work. I like to think in an abstract way when wondering about architectures themes. Symmetry is indicate to gain well structures results, but as we know, the symmetry can be challenging. Sometimes little details can lost the balance of the whole picture. The light can add drama to your lines. Play with it! Play with the sunset, the blue hour and, the totally black night. Different lights add different moods to the architecture photography. The night light can be a great component. Of course it all depends of what kind of emotion you want to provoke. What kind of initial impression do you want to pass to your public? The contrast of black sky with the light within the buildings can be alluring.

Venice and its spectacular architecture, one of the most beautiful cities in the world is also one with its most exquisite architecture