• Award of Excellence from Trevisan International Art, 2019 in Bologna/IT

  • Artist of Year Award from Circle Foundation for the Arts in Lyon/FR (2018/2019)

Exhibitions 2019


Exhibitions 2018


Exhibitions 2017

  • Photography Now: Ice & Fire, local London/UK at The Brick Lane Gallery; 

  • A Casa Francesa, local São Paulo/BR, at Casa Portoro;


Exhibitions 2016

  • Ménage á Trois: Paris (Parte I), local São Paulo/BR, at Andreus Galeria; 

  • Ménage á Trois: São Paulo (Parte II), local São Paulo/BR, at Andreus Galeria;

  • Ménage á Trois: Budapeste (Parte III), local São Paulo/BR, at Andreus Galeria

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