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15 Photo Ideas, how to be creative

It does not matter what are the subjects that you photograph, or if you prefer to capture your pictures in colors or black and white. The fact is photography is out there to help us keep records of moments of how we see the world, sometimes images impossible to others to see, but that through our lens, we can show it to everyone. Photography makes us see everything in a different way. The amount of themes within photography is really extensive, but even so, sometimes we may feel lost or without inspiration.
The fact is, within photography there are plenty opportunities everywhere. All we have to do is look closely and put our creative side to work. So whether you are a professional or just practice it as a hobby, I set up a list with 15 ideas for you (we all lack of ideas from time to time, that is a fact).
Besides being a street photographer, I am also a travel photographer. A fine art street travel photographer. That long name embodies a lot of ideas. And with ideas come creativity. Although I am obsessed with harsh street urban photography, I have also a few other themes in my website that happened along my career and that I am also fond about it. Let me inspire you!

"The best camera is the one that is with you…"

Chase Jarvis


This is one of my favorite themes along with street photography. I love everything about architecture. Being a huge fan of Bauhaus, to bring the circles, triangles, squares and play with details, lines, forms and designs is easy for me. If you like architecture, you can read all about techniques and ideas in my previous post here.


Bridges are an engineering wonder and they have its own identity. Whenever I think of it, passion and mystery comes to my mind. It seems bridges tell stories to us, magic tales.

“Bridges are metaphors for everything in life, … The bridge is not just about getting back and forth between north and south. The bridge is about connecting our communities.”

Jim West


I love coffee. Actually, I am addicted to it. Black, pure, strong. Whenever I visit a city, I go for a coffee first. Everyday life? Coffee in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. Big mugs. Full. Coffee is a status, a way of life, a reflex of yourself. Coffee shops are a great opportunity to shoot street photography and is also part of my series. What kind of coffee lover are you?

Clockwise: Florence, Vienna, Paris and Bologna


The idea of this series came from the countless amount of bicycles around the globe. Cycling is an unlike theme and easy to shoot it. It is a kind of photography where you can mix street, people, speed, light, slow motion, blur, stillness, transportation, way of life and sport.

"If you don’t see it, you cannot capture it.”

Thomas Leuthard


The life running inside metros is another world. The amount of people within it is crazy and an excellent opportunity to shoot street photography. Not only that, but the trams, details of the structure, the flow of people, the light, the rush hours, the late hours, the signs. As 99% of my work is black and white I am suspicious to say it, but if you have the chance, shoot it in color and then change it to black and white. See the difference. Embrace the art of a monochromatic world.


Moscow Metro is another world. A fascinating one.


When I think of nature, I think of the sea, rivers, lakes, flowers fields, desert cliffs, waterfalls, snow blankets, green valleys, giant canyons, distant lands. A million of ideas pop up! I have a few places where I love to be quiet, alone, just me and the nature itself, letting the moment guide me towards the perfect shot. Some people don’t like nature in black and white, only colorful. I disagree. I think nature can be as astonishing in black and white as in color. Let's just remember Sebastião Salgado and Ansel Adams.


The visual look of a noir photography can be traced from the harsh black and white, the dirty streets, foggy nights, low light, odd angles adding dramatic girth and symbolic tones, a sense of claustrophobia and also paranoia, urban landscape, blurry moments, metropolis sidewalks lamps, shadowy pedestrians. Sinister context that creates the noir universe. The word itself immediately brings a lot of things on everyone’s mind. A noir photography is a scenic framed moment. I like to create this unique atmosphere and bring my public to another era, a hypnotic one, even though we are no longer living this moment, I like to think that all that we want to create is possible, specially within photography.


"Street photography is 80% balls and 20% skills."

Eric Kim

Don’t you agree with that? Although street photography can involve so much more aspects than just people, still, you have to have the guts to go out there and shoot people right at their face. And I could not left out my favorite street photographer from this theme, Daido Moriyama. His work has a great impact in my photography and I simply love the way that he shoots street photography. The strong contrast, the odd situations, the vividness and bizarre moments are simply perfect. People’s faces everywhere and also everything else. In order to learn how is the best approach to shoot people, you have to practice a lot. Be at ease with the chosen environment, stay calm, focused and patient. If I ask people to photograph them? Never. Do I ask permission afterwards? Never. Why? The photography and the moment will never be the same if I start to ask questions to do my work. Street photography is all about the moment! As I said, practice everyday. When you start to practice you lose the fear and things start to work naturally.

Greek moments ...

Venice streets ...