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The power of photography

In the arts market there is always the question: is photography art or not? I don’t think about it that much, except when someone brings the subject to me. Art or not, photography is what goes in our passport, not a painting (I am a big fan of paintings and arts in general), so please don't get mad with my comment. I read it somewhere and I agree with that.

Photography is such a power tool, that if you pay attention, the only choice that a photographer can make is to chose the moment he/she will photograph. And that is what gives photography such power: what it shows incurs what is not shown. Or, another way of see it: the effective photography shows as much what is absent as what is present.

Poland, Auschwitz-Birkenau, nothing prepares you for the energy that this place holds, nothing

Photography is not only an image, but also something that was immediately reproduced from something real, a trace. It is different from a painting. A painting is a representation of an image. A painting interprets the world on its own language. The photography brings a moment that once was real to our knowledge.

Iron Curtain Monument in front of House of Terror Museum, Budapest, one of the saddest places I put my feet on

What fascinates me about photography is that its raw materials are time and light. We register history. We tell tales, stories, we navigate into another world. We choose what to click, literally.

Moscow: the impressive sculpture of Soviet Union times, Worker and Kolkhoz Woman; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; Cathedral of Christ the Saviour; and the unique outstanding Red Square, Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin and Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Photography is the way I express myself. Through my photography I am able to discover new worlds, culture, people, history. It is my language. It is how I communicate to the world. Through my silent lenses I bring language to others, short stories, tales, mysteries. It is, as if, while photographing, I walk between two different worlds. The rest of the world remains in my conscience.

The one and only one, Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa, a place that I really love in Brazil: The Read Beach; Copacana Beach (boy and woman); View from Sugarloaf Mountain; and Lapa's Archs, on the left, Lapa Cathedral, in a pyramid architecture .

In a world hungry for profit and status, I still believe in the power of genuine, real photography that comes straight from the heart. No matter what or who you are, it takes great courage to pursue that throughout life. Once I have set my photography journey, I could no longer pay regards to other people fears. Not without doing violence to myself. It does not matter what kind of photographer you are, but never quit. It is hard to achieve a place among so many, but there is space for everyone out there. Never quit.

“The path I follow is the path where I register my future.’

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