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My photography Series, why did I start it?

Dear friends,

took me sometime to decide whether I should publish a blog or not, but as you can see, I opted to publish it, and this is my first post, and I welcome you all to read it, share, comment, and even tweet some love. This is the first of many of my thoughts about my work and what I think about photography today. I’m not here to lecture anyone, but it’s nice to know that there are people out there that think as me and share the same opinion. Even if not, it’s always good to know new ideias and to talk about it.

My work is not only post photography to people see it and give it a like. I sell my work. Different sizes, different frames, but mostly black and white. So I think in order to create my buyers public and also admires, I want to present a few ‘whys’ I photograph in such way, where my influence comes from and for what reason I feel much more connected with certain cities and others not.

So first of all I’ll start with my series, why I choose to present in my website specific topics. And today the topic is: rain.

For many years in my life I was addicted to hot summers, I mean I grow up in SP/Brazil, and since a kid I was used to be every weekend on the beach. South and North beaches in São Paulo are hot as Rio de Janeiro and for many years I was favorable to travel in summer to even hotter places like Morocco (July, 2007, 56º degrees). But as I got older, my way of see things changed, and also my photography. Today I love to be in the winter. The more cold the place is, the more I love. If it has rain, snow, wind, even better, because today the weather has become an important element in my work and if I have one of these, I’m already happy.

For me a rainy day is a peaceful state of mind. It’s a happy moment (of course I’m not talking about monsoon), but that kind of rain that I can frame within my lens. The sound of drops that makes me want to put some boots on and be outside immediately photographing the chaos, the people, the wet glass, the umbrellas. And to add a bit of drama in it, it has to be black and white. So yes, I consider myself a pluviophile (a lover of rain), and I’m always looking for my best rain shot. Always willing to be in a difficult situation to capture it, no matter if that situation happens in the city or in the nature, day or night, as long it’s raining, the moment is perfect for me. The truth is, as long as you have passion in it, and it’s not a mechanical photo-shooting, the chance for you to have a perfect freezed moment is undoubtedly higher. So what am I trying to say here is basically that, whenever you see a rain picture taken by me, I hope you can also see the beauty in it, because I can assure you, the rain is magical, romantic, hypnotic and it has a huge effect on me and in my work. I can happily share that the topic rain is one of the highlights of my work and this year in the second semester I’ll have two exhibitions with this theme which I’ll share in a couple of months (I had one last year in Bologna, you can see it here )

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Quote of the day, Robert Capa:

”This war is like an actress who is getting old. It is less and less photogenic and more and more dangerous”.

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