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Airbnb pros and cons, is it worth it?

Today is a common thing to research a lot before traveling, not only about the place itself you are going to, but also the accommodations you will be spending some time in: should I stay in a hotel or in a Airbnb space? Well, it depends a lot whether you’re seeking comfort, save money, timing, etc. Last year I experienced my first time in a Airbnb space and I can name a few pros and cons about it (comparing to hotels), and will give my final opinion on which I think is the best thing. But first of all, this article is not an imposition of what you should do or not, is just a way of telling you a way of clarifying some doubts that myself used to have before experienced it.


One of the main things for me is the cleaning of the place. No matter if the place is my house, hotel or Airbnb. I like everything clean. How a wonderful thing is it to arrive in any clean place smelling good?

The good thing about hotels is that you never have to worry about cleaning. If you are staying in a hotel that has everyday room service, heaven it is! I love it. When I travel, I work, I get tired. I usually go out in the morning and return at night, spend my day walking, sometimes 15 km/18 km a day, photographing, talking to people, discovering new places, etc. So when I return to the hotel I am staying in, the last thing I want to be worried is about the cleaning. So it is wonderful that you can have nice cozy clean bedroom all to yourself, waiting for you, sometimes after a stressful day (you never know) and not to think about it. So hotels are very good on that point. Of course sometimes you stay in good hotels that don’t do the cleaning as they should, but most of hotels are good at that point and offer proper service, sometimes twice a day and extra amenities to spoil you. Who does not love it?

I love that, don't you?

I did not have any problem in the Airbnb place I stayed in Paris, end of 2018. The apartment was very clean and smelled super nice. But when you stay at Airbnb place you have to worry about it. First, you pay sometimes an expensive extra tax for cleaning (I talk about it below) on which I doubt that the owners pay a professional to do it. Hardly. So, at Airbnb you have to clean the apartment. You have to worry like the apartment is yours because there won’t be anyone there to clean the place for you. You have to take the trash out, clean the kitchen, wash dishes, etc., like a proper local. And that sucks. I already do it everyday in my life in my own apartment, and as I said, when I travel, I don’t like to think about it. Another thing, you book Airbnb, you arrive at the place, and the place is dirty. Two options: or you walk way and pay for the fee by leaving it, or you clean it. So if you don’t mind it, Airbnb is ok. But cleaning for me is a point that, depending the place you stay, can ruin the trip.


The place that you will chose to stay for the next weekend, holidays or even a month will be likely your home. You have to feel well, comfortable, relaxed …no matter where that place is or the purpose of your trip.

One thing I love about hotels is that from the moment you arrive and unpack your things, the place suddenly is all about you. Toilet stuff, clothes, photo gear, coats, shoes, etc. In a matter of 30 min, I organize my things and that place for a while will be like home to me. Nothing personal about no one. It’s a hotel. Feels like home to me because there is only my things around. No stuff around the place to remind me that someone else lives there and is temporarily renting it.

my mess around the hotel room is all about me

Some Airbnb places are as empty as an apartment to rent. Others so full of things and furniture that you can barely walk inside of it. Others are middle term, but still, with a lot of personal things. Someone else lives there. I don’t feel comfortable waking up and have to look at others people photos, personal toilet stuff, food that you can’t touch, pans that you can accidentally burn, TV that you can watch but be careful to not fuck up the settings. For me is not comfortable, I don’t like that atmosphere. I like impersonal. The more impersonal, the more I love. Other people’s lives don't interest me. To be in a place that belongs to another person is kind of strange. Meaning: I slept in a bed that belongs to the couple owner of the apartment that rented it to me. The moment my rent was over, the couple that lives there was back to their bed. Felt like I was an intruder in some way. Odd situation. If you don’t care about details like that, you should be fine.

Shared spaces

I don’t like to share spaces, it can be in a hotel, hostel or Airbnb. If you are like me, pay attention while choosing it in a hotel and/or Airbnb websites. Sometimes the details are hidden and the prices so appealing that we end up forgetting to see it and when you realize, you booked a room without bathroom. Instead, you booked a room where the bathroom is shared among 3 others ...


Truly, it all depends on your budget, needs and goal of your trip: business, holiday, friends, family trip, solo trip, etc. I find a myth that hotels are always more expensive than Airbnb spaces, meaning, Airbnb can also be extremely expensive. Why? Adding the taxes, services fees and cleansing costs, your daily rate that began at $55 may go up to $120! Sometimes, for a rate like that, you can book yourself a very nice 5 stars hotel where you won’t have to worry about anything. Plus, including breakfast, amenities, gym, spa, pool, etc. In order to catch a good place/price you have to research. Research takes time. If you are in a hurry, then maybe a hotel is a better choice.

Here is an article more detailed saying why Airbnb costs more than you think, worth reading.