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Why silhouettes are so intriguing?

Silhouettes for me are alluring. I love to be able to capture it not knowing the face of the man or the woman, the chiaroscuro lighting, distorted camera angles, symbolic objects, dark alleys, dimly lit rooms that end up proliferating what that moment means to my theme.

São Paulo, 2018 - Krakow, 2016 - Santiago, 2018

Hypnotizes me the light casting into the darkness.

São Paulo, 2018

These moments are my freedom artistic expression and provides also the mysterious storytelling for my public interpretation. I also like to think that my protagonists are individuals dogged by their darkness past.

Santiago, 2018 and Tallinn, 2016

The power of a photo can allows us to elucidate different senses about the present time. The black and white reflects my emotions and feelings. Black silhouettes represents to me power, control, beauty, minimalism, elegance, seduction.

Krakow, 2016

Santiago, 2018

And with my silhouettes series, my propose is to the public to read it as a dance between the dark and the light, to identify an individual as part of a type, to see the shade and light play against each other not only in night exteriors, but also in twilight and sunsets.

Santiago, 2018 (first 3 photos) and London, 2014

I like to create a dramatic tension with its high contrasts, stark day exteriors and night ambiances where ordinary sights acquire a sinister context in the silhouette universe, like a good old noir movie.

São Paulo, 2018 - Bucharest, 2017 - Moscow, 2016

Paris, 2017 - Dublin, 2017 - Brasov, 2017

I love colors but I don’t think for silhouettes works as powerful as in black and white. My silhouette world is filled with odd synchronicity, unexplained events and chance encounters of groups or individuals, weather atmosphere that end up creating a chain of events that results in my series.

São Paulo, 2018

I am also fascinated by the invisible and unconscious, when I wonder seeking silhouettes, I prefer dreams instead reality. Is does not matter if is day or night, my eye seeks for mysterious images, filled with shadows, forms, outlines, contours, sketches, shapes, figures, ghost faces. As a witness of my time, my curiosity is limitless and I am always searching for more, instigating you to open your eyes and see what I see, the same dark poetry unfolded behind my lens.

Lisbon, 2017

If you want to know something about me, look carefully at my photos and there seek to recognize what I am, because only through my photos you will understand me.

Lisbon, 2017

Venice, 2017

Lisbon, 2017

In this particular theme, I have a major influence of Brassaï, André Kertész and René Burri.

What about you? Do you like to wonder through silhouettes or prefer things and people uncovered?

Thanks for reading!!

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