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Tourists: lack of good sense

The problem with the new century is that there is too many people everywhere...unfortunately. Yes, you read it correctly. UNFORTUNATELY. Every time I travel, I get scared with the amount of tourists in the main sites. And the problem is that nowadays there is no respect whatsoever with nothing. Everything is about the emptiness of show off.

Dmitri Vrubel - My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love
Berlin, East Side Gallery - Oct 2018 - Dmitri Vrubel - My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love

Who would think that people like Zuckerberg, Kardashians and similar would change the lives of everyone, independent if people follow their ideas or not. I was today here in Berlin sightseeing in one of those Hop-On Hop-Off buses, although it's not my first time here, from time to time I like to step in one of these to see what changed in the city or if there is anything new. So, as I was speaking, I was in one of those today, and the guide was saying some interesting things about the Russian era at Cold War here in Berlin, but I must say, it was impossible to listen to him. There was this group of Brazilian people (yes, I am Brazilian and not proud of the behavior of my people) speaking so loud, mocking in people on the streets, laughing about them, as if THEY were fucking amazing. Well, even though I sat in front so I could photograph and try to listen the guide, I assure you it was not possible. And this is not only the behavior of Brazilian tourists, but all tourists, from everywhere.

Florence, 2017

Berlin is a fucking amazing city to say the least, every step you take here is a piece of history, WWII, Cold War, Willy Brandt, Napoleon and the Brandenburg Gate, Bowie, Dadaism, etc. But people instead to listen and learn, watch and observe, respect and try to comprehend, no, they rather travel to places like this to take selfies and post in Instagram and be able to say to others: 'I was there, look my Instagram, follow me' but then, all you will be able to see is a bunch of shitty selfies. Try to ask this people if they actually learned something about its history. Not at all. Actually if you ask people what places they’ve been, I’m sure they won't be able to answer or give you details. And that's a pity. For them, for the city that receives them and for the world. What can be worse than people laughing and taking selfies in Auschwitz-Birkenau? Oh yes, people laugh there. Pose smiling as that were a place that nothing happened, as if it was a place of miracles and wonders. I mean, really? I wonder what is on their minds. Probably nothing. We live in selfish times. Violent ones. Aggressive opinion and hate dissemination. I miss the times when people were polite and Facebook and all that crap didn't exist. People were more connected and more friendly. They used to be truthful. Respectful. Problems always existed and always will, but we are now facing dark void in the present era. And that's scary.

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Budapest, Dublin, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, all in 2017.

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