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Why I quit Instagram (and I am not sorry for it) ...

Here comes a topic that is polemical, and I’m sure most of people will criticize me, but I’m just writing an article, it’s not a demand or an act to make you feel guilty, etc., it’s just my opinion, you can either agree with me or tell me to fuck off (hopefully not!). Anyway, be my guest!

Likes x talent

Don’t fall for this trick that you will be only a good photographer if you get tons of likes on your photos. Don’t sodomize yourself. As Elliott Erwitt said: “The problem with digital photography is that it’s too easy. When things get too easy people get sloppy. And sloppiness is not a good thing in photography—even though photography is fairly simple stuff. When it was non-digital it still took a little bit of effort and thought. But now I think a chimpanzee with a digital camera can get pretty good results as well, but at least visible results. And I think that is the problem. Too easy, too much, and maybe not too much thinking behind it.The fact that everyone has cell phone and digital cameras doesn't mean they are actually good photographers. Instead of compare your good work versus the ‘chimpanzee’, focus on other photography platforms, study the masters, read about it. Know your equipment. Be informed. Talk to others photographers that you admire. I mean, real photographers. Not fake ones.

Waste of time

I used to lost countless hours posting pictures on Instagram and on its 24 hours histories, sharing not only my work, but also my influence, where my ideas come from, live updates from my trips, etc. How addicted I was often glancing down just to see if I had a notification. By morning, working, on the bus, before sleep. It was a constant and a sick one. As a photographer, I was really obsessed with this social media and suddenly I realized that something was wrong with me.

Your action - Others reaction!!

It’s really interesting when you take some action in your life and get the most bizarre reactions from others!! It was MY account I deleted, and yet, people was suffering for me!! The thing was even more scary than I thought ... I think people wore more interested in my life than in my work. And the contrary should be the natural order of things, since my Instagram was professional not personal, but turns out, not everything is as it should be. People are more interested taking photographs of their food in a restaurant instead of eating it. When they are about to eat, the plate is cold. People taking photographs of the Mona Lisa instead of praise it. People taking selfies all the time instead of enjoy love. People taking photographs of superb wines instead of savoring it. I think people nowadays are more interested on what others think of them instead enjoy their experiences.

More productive in my work - trips/photo/writing

Right after I deleted my Instagram account, I went to Chile for a 6 days trip. I was already two weeks without the app and feeling good and my travel just confirmed that. I was feeling more relaxed, without having the need to ‘oh, I have to share everything about the trip, every single moment!’. No...not anymore, gladly I could enjoy my trip without this obsession and it was delightful. I shared some single moments on Twitter, which I use longer than any other app. I have more time now not only to photograph, but also to write. I can dedicate my time completely to plan my trips, photograph, write for EU Travel Mag and my blog. And that is a bliss for me. Instagram was a MAJOR distraction in my life.


You know that Instagram and Facebook are totally programmed to seduce you with the exactly kind of products you want. These platforms knows exactly what you want before you even notice it. They profit from you. If I point out how many things I bought because Instagram suggested such product...oh my...things that I didn’t need, but these companies have such power...they know how to literally brainwash your soul! Before you realize, you will buy a lot of things that you don’t need. So I think it’s hilarious Mark not allow people to spy on his life, while he spies everyone’s life through Facebook and Instagram. He collects as much data as he can. It’s completely unethical. Be careful. They know what you eat, who you have sex with, where you travel to and who your friends are. We live in a completely non private moment in the world. Sadly.

It used to be an app photography, not anymore

I remember when I started to use Instagram was an app only for photography, and that was long ago...Today is all about selfies, business of any kind of commerce and nudes. Nothing wrong with that, but is simply not what I was looking for. Actually, it was making difficult to promote my work. People was starting to confuse my art with my life. One of the best things in being an OUT-Instagrammer is to have your life back and not be part anymore of the fading impostor syndrome. I mean, it’s all very beautiful in that square, but we all know that life is not always that paradise. I feel that for many people, any social media seems like a necessary evil.

Not a free speech platform

If you want to write freely, I mean without any restrictions, get your own website. Don’t expect Facebook or Instagram to be nice and gentle and allow you to post nude art photography and talk whatever you want. Instead, have your own website, it will last longer, it’s yours and no one can say what you can and can’t do. It’s as simple as that.

DM - is Instagram the new TINDER?

DM used to work when people wanted to talk about w-o-r-k... but in my final Instagram months, I started to receive DM of any kinds, mainly like TINDER. I’ll say it Instagram an app for show off happy ‘fake life’ + online sex or an app for photography? I was kind confused. Once I got a message from a guy who lived really far, and all he wanted was just to have online sex...I mean, really? I’ll repeat here what I said to him, and later, blocked: no patience for that, nor the time for that kind of behavior. Actually, I find pathetic that someone needs to go DM a person from another continent to have online sex...what happened to good old days??

Wake up feeling way more rested

I find unbelievable to wake up feeling way more rested (emotionally and physically) just because I don’t use it anymore. But, believe me, it’s true. First week I was not using it anymore, I just couldn’t believe how my mind and body was different. Instagram was acting like a poison to me. I was so stressed thinking about posting my pictures, the order of it, what kind of work, etc., that I was simply not thinking anymore. I was exhausted and I was not aware of it.

The battery of my cell phone now last at least 36 hours

It is impressive how my cellphone has another kind of life nowadays! When I used to have Instagram, I used to charge it at least twice a day. And now... oh well, happy battery life!

It changed my daily routine

If your daily routine is to go to the bathroom and seat on the toilet looking Instagram, please, uninstall it for a week and see how it goes. Really, if you have that habit, something is not right. Read a book instead. You will see how your life gets better. Don’t be a slave of Instagram or any Social Media. They already messed up the whole world as if we are robots. Try not to be just another one.
I’m telling you, when I deleted Instagram, my life was way much better. Not to mention about the energy. If you believe in energy, vibrations, pay attention on it. I still use Facebook to share my articles, exhibitions and new photo galleries from my website. But that’s it. Facebook is another stupid social media.

How I publish my work

First of all, the best thing that operates for me it is my website. After I quit Instagram, I started to use actively my Twitter account, which I have since May 2009 and never paid attention to it. Twitter is the fastest way to be aware of what is happening in the world and also in my area. Plus, Pinterest, from where I study a lot of references and also share my work and Youtube. I started to make these short videos about my photo series which works wonders. Conclusion, these 4 platforms are more than enough to publish my work (I use Facebook as well but I don't count it as professional). And very important: I print a lot of my work, not only for exhibitions, but also for myself. See my work printed in fine art is the final expression of my photography. I love to see the final phase of my work printed not only digital. There's much more in it for me.

We don’t need it

It’s funny, some of my friends thought I was just being against and tried to either pursued or compel me into returning to use Instagram. Some of them were even skeptical and said: you will be back before blink, this attitude won’t last long. Actually, no. By deleting Instagram you’ll soon discover distractions of different kind and even find more time to do other things than just see others people’s lives. Same goes to Facebook. It’s the same poison unless you use it to share professional things. I still have my Facebook for personal reasons, but I think is as bad as Instagram. If you use Instagram, try not to use it as a dumb lifestyle app.


I am certain that most of photographers would benefit by press delete in their Instagram account. They would spend more time analyzing their own opinion instead caring what others think of their photos. The more you practice and pay attention to your work, the better you get. Achieve your goals by exploring yourself, forget about impress others, impress yourself.

Chose what is best for you

In the end, analyze what is the best choice for you. I did what was best for me and my work. If this situation is happening to you...deactivate your account for a week instead delete and see how it will work in your life and then ask yourself : is it worth to be part of it or not?

Thanks for reading!!!

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I couldn't agree more, today the real talent is missing...and the attributes for the 'lack of talent' succeed

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