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Behind the Scenes, Take 1 - Paris

I though starting this new series because every now and then people ask me about the real history behind my photos. I often like to leave it to the public interpretation, but I will select from time to time a few snapshots and tell the tale behind it, after all, not all of us like to interpret and are curious enough.

Today's chapter: Paris, the vintage girl cycling

This is a famous photo in my Paris work. It is in exhibition for 2 years now in São Paulo at Casa Portoro. The photo is framed in pale beige wood, 1,80 cm x 1,25 cm, and it is for sale through Andreus Galeria in São Paulo (contact me for price and conditions).

If you pay attention to it, there is something different about this picture. The whole scene seems to be located in another era. Look closely at the girl and the car. She is perfectly dressed up as in old days, I would say, 60s? Her hair is tied up in a beautiful bun. Her blazer, shoes and bag, hum, definitely 60s! So classy, so Parisian. And the marvelous car, what a delight to see vintage cars in Paris! This car is a 1967 DS 21 Pallas, Citroën, what a beauty! Rare to see. Fits perfectly to the city. Not only that, inside the car, there is a man with a perfect white t-shirt and cufflink. He looks like a gentleman from the old days, and his attitude is quite relaxed. And if you look real closely, there is a ring in his hand, indicating he is married.

People around the scene are paying attention to it, because there is not only one 1967 DS 21 Pallas, but two of them, as you can see in the sequence photos I took. Two vintage cars plus the girl that jumped out directly from the 60’s. But where all that scene took place?

In the corner of Notre-Dame Cathedral. I was by chance on top of a bench shooting the beautiful gargoyles, and my eyes rapidly noticed the girl and the vintage cars. For me it was like going back in the time. It’s a scene of once in a lifetime. Never again I will be able to frame at once such rare elements. The right moment for the perfect click, voilá!

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